How to choose a baby cot? After reading this, you will understand.

As a must-have item for baby to sleep, cribs have always been a necessary presence in the home of newborn babies. A good crib not only allows the baby to have a good night’s sleep, but also reduces the number of times the mom looks at the child from the night.

Nowadays, the form of the crib is more and more diverse. While expanding the choice of parents, many parents have also had difficulty in choosing. What kind of bed is suitable for baby?

Solid wood manufacturing

The crib is the sleeping place of the baby’s long companion. The first point of choice is definitely solid, and the second point is environmentally friendly. Combining two points, only the crib made of solid wood is the best fit.

Solid wood has a strong bearing capacity and has always been used to make furniture. Therefore, a crib made of solid wood is very suitable. At the same time, solid wood is also a natural material, safe and environmentally friendly, no smell, baby is in it, it is also very safe.

2. The fence spacing is narrow

When the baby is sleeping, it is very easy to move around. It is common to go to the west. At this time, if the fence of the crib is too wide, it is likely to catch the baby’s head. Therefore, for the safety of the baby, choose a baby with a narrow fence. The bed is better. The width of the fence spacing is preferably within five centimeters to ensure the safety of the baby’s head.

3. Multifunctional

In fact, this function has no effect on the comfort of the baby, but for future consideration, the crib still has a variety of functions. After all, the baby crib is only two or three years old. When the baby changes to the big bed, the crib is very wasteful, so it is best to buy a multi-purpose crib, so you are not afraid of wasting.

The cribs of this crib can be adjusted to be used as a crib or as a table bench and, if necessary, into a juvenile sofa. In addition, the shape of this crib is also very foreign, very suitable for pure baby.

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