5 reasons tell you why you want to buy a baby cot!

Some mothers about the crib will say that it is a chicken rib. It is not used at all when you buy it. The baby still sleeps with himself and is still occupied by the bed. You do not need to buy it! Some mothers say that the crib is a necessity, and the baby has his own small bed not only for the baby to sleep well, but also for the adults to bring a lot of convenience!

Here are five reasons to buy a crib:

First, the baby has his own bed and sleep dependence is smaller (this is very important)

Many babies have sleep dependence, and they are used to letting their mother sleep, sleep, and even sleep. When they let go, they wake up. This is the sleep dependence that the baby does not have independent sleeping habits. If the baby has his own crib, from the very beginning. Just sleep with my mother, when the baby is crying or not sleeping, the heart will not hold, just pat, slowly the baby will get used to sleeping independently. The baby has no sleep dependence, then the mother has to worry a lot!

Second, my mother can sleep well.

With the baby, when you sleep with the baby, the mother will be very careful. The baby will stretch out and climb the leg. The mother will wake up and gradually develop the habit of sleeping. It is really hard and tired to sleep at night. ! If you have a baby cot, your baby can easily turn around and move in your baby’s bed. Mother can also sleep hard and take care of the children during the day.

Third, the baby is far from carbon dioxide and the body is healthier.

Whether the old man takes the child to sleep or the mother takes the child to sleep, the baby will inevitably have to breathe the carbon dioxide gas of the adult. These exhaust gases are not conducive to the health of the baby, but also have damage to the brain development. The drawback of having your own crib can be avoided.

Fourth, the danger of getting out of bed

The baby who sleeps with her mother believes that there is no experience of not going to bed. If the baby can sleep in his crib, there is no danger of falling out of bed.

Fifth, it helps to sleep in separate rooms.

A baby who sleeps in a crib grows up more difficult to sleep in a separate room, because he has long been accustomed to sleeping alone, changing a room and sleeping on his own, only a little adaptation, can be successful. And those babies who sleep with their mothers are more difficult to sleep in separate rooms.

Are you still hesitating to buy a baby cot? These 5 reasons are enough to persuade you to buy a baby crib for your baby! With the crib baby sleeping on his own, it also helps the relationship between husband and wife! This is the mother’s little selfishness!