Crib advantages and disadvantages and precautions

The birth of the baby is to add a new life to the family. The choice of the bed after the baby is born is also very important. Now there are so many cribs on the market, so the crib is good or not. Is there any need when using the crib? What are the matters to be aware of? 

First, the benefits of baby cradle bed:

Because the cradle bed is more comfortable, shaking the cradle gives a feeling of hypnosis. For many years, most mothers used the cradle to get the child to fall asleep as soon as possible, so the cradle has become a very good child and child. The habitat, there are scientific studies to prove that shaking is very beneficial to the development of the baby, it can continually stimulate certain organs of children, which can help children grow faster and grow faster, and scientific research It is proved that most of the brain development of the human being is done in infancy, so the cradle bed plays a vital role at this time.

Second, the disadvantages of the baby’s cradle bed:

Because the cervical spine is soft when the child is growing, and the hardness of the cradle bed is not enough, so the children always sleep in the cradle, which will make the child’s spine develop deformation. If you sleep in such a bed for a long time, it is not It is good for children to grow up healthily, but the children can sleep in the cradle bed in moderation. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes to sleep every day, because many parents and friends will worry about whether the cradle bed is hurt or not. Fu Xuan Yi Jia Xiaobian now tells everyone that according to relevant scientific research, this kind of worry is superfluous.

Third, the use of the cradle bed:

Since the cradle bed has its advantages and disadvantages, everyone must choose a safe standard for the cradle when choosing the cradle bed, so that the baby can grow up healthily. Generally speaking, when buying a crib, it is in the crib. There must be a bed at the end to protect the child’s head, and the bed should reach a certain height, otherwise the baby’s neck will be hurt, and everyone will find a variety of cots when purchasing a crib. Patterns, everyone must choose a warm color pattern when choosing a pattern, this will keep the child’s calm mood, because the bed pattern of the crib will have a certain lead to some extent, if the baby is naughty, it will 啃Bite the railing, it is easy to cause baby poisoning, so that the baby is anemia, so everyone must pay attention when purchasing.

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