Crib advantages and disadvantages and precautions

The birth of the baby is to add a new life to the family. The choice of the bed after the baby is born is also very important. Now there are so many cribs on the market, so the crib is good or not. Is there any need when using the crib? What are the matters to be aware of? 

First, the benefits of baby cradle bed:

Because the cradle bed is more comfortable, shaking the cradle gives a feeling of hypnosis. For many years, most mothers used the cradle to get the child to fall asleep as soon as possible, so the cradle has become a very good child and child. The habitat, there are scientific studies to prove that shaking is very beneficial to the development of the baby, it can continually stimulate certain organs of children, which can help children grow faster and grow faster, and scientific research It is proved that most of the brain development of the human being is done in infancy, so the cradle bed plays a vital role at this time.

Second, the disadvantages of the baby’s cradle bed:

Because the cervical spine is soft when the child is growing, and the hardness of the cradle bed is not enough, so the children always sleep in the cradle, which will make the child’s spine develop deformation. If you sleep in such a bed for a long time, it is not It is good for children to grow up healthily, but the children can sleep in the cradle bed in moderation. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes to sleep every day, because many parents and friends will worry about whether the cradle bed is hurt or not. Fu Xuan Yi Jia Xiaobian now tells everyone that according to relevant scientific research, this kind of worry is superfluous.

Third, the use of the cradle bed:

Since the cradle bed has its advantages and disadvantages, everyone must choose a safe standard for the cradle when choosing the cradle bed, so that the baby can grow up healthily. Generally speaking, when buying a crib, it is in the crib. There must be a bed at the end to protect the child’s head, and the bed should reach a certain height, otherwise the baby’s neck will be hurt, and everyone will find a variety of cots when purchasing a crib. Patterns, everyone must choose a warm color pattern when choosing a pattern, this will keep the child’s calm mood, because the bed pattern of the crib will have a certain lead to some extent, if the baby is naughty, it will 啃Bite the railing, it is easy to cause baby poisoning, so that the baby is anemia, so everyone must pay attention when purchasing.

How to choose a crib this place is the key

When your baby grows to a certain age, you should start to choose the baby cot that suits your baby, so that your baby can rest better and grow up healthily. So many novice parents don’t know how to choose a crib. Today Xiaobian will tell you how to choose a crib and choose a crib.

How to choose a crib

1. Choosing a wooden crib

The metal cot is the strongest, but the metal has a bad texture, cold and too hard, not suitable for babies. The wooden cot is ideal, strong and gentle. A baby who is growing a tooth likes to pick up something, so it is best to have a protective strip for the bed.

Material safety: Wood with wood knots cannot be used for load-bearing parts, otherwise it is prone to breakage. The material is New Zealand pine, and birch, teak, ash, and eucalyptus are also good choices.

2. The length of the crib is more than 150cm.

If the crib is too small, it will be eliminated in about 1 year, which is a waste. However, if it is too big, it can not improve the safety of the baby, so the crib should not exceed 150cm in length.

3. Paint environmental protection and safety

The first is to smell, followed by the ingredients, crib paint does not contain harmful components such as heavy metals and formaldehyde. The colored paint crib is very good for children’s visual development, but the thick coating covers the original appearance of the wood, and the safety of the wood material is very important for the baby. If you choose an unpainted crib, it is recommended to apply natural wood oil after a period of use to prevent the wood from being deformed by moisture.

4. Safety of accessories

The opening accessories of the side rails mainly include: rotary type, pull type, slide type, and the material of the accessory determines the service life of the guard rail. The pulleys are made of ordinary plastic or recycled plastic, engineering plastics, nylon, iron, stainless steel, etc. Nylon and stainless steel are better, the price is higher, but the service life is relatively longer. A baby cot with wheels is easy to use, but care must be taken to ensure that there are safety brakes on the wheels and that the brakes are secure.

5. Install the cushion pad

It is best to have a cushion pad around the edge of the crib. The pad should be at least 6 knots, and the bag should be kept to the shortest length to prevent the baby from reaching the neck. It can also be padded on the inner wall of the railing of the crib with a sponge or an inflatable nylon product to prevent the baby’s head from hitting the railing and being injured.

Crib selection considerations

Buy with your baby’s eyes

Try to consider his opinion from the baby’s point of view. Have you ever consulted the baby when you are arranging the little world that belongs to them for the baby?

You know, children over the age of 3 have begun to have their own ideas! Therefore, respecting the baby’s preference for space, color and furniture will make them realize their importance and independence earlier. Therefore, smart parents must not neglect before making a decision: let the baby participate in your home decoration purchase, respect their rights, opinions and ideas, so that they have a “respected” feeling. Ask him what style he likes and which color he feels more enjoyable.

First, strive for maximum practicality in a limited space

1. The bed that will grow up

It is impossible for a bed to be changed as a large piece of furniture for two or three years, and the baby is constantly growing. If you want to choose a children’s bed that meets your child’s needs at all times, it’s wise to choose the kind of bed and tailboard that can be folded and the elongated bed can be adjusted.

2, the bed of three-dimensional use of space

If the children’s room in your home is not big, in order to give the baby more game space, it is also a good choice to make full use of the space bunk bed. The lower layer is for the baby to sleep, the upper layer can become a baby’s entertainment place, and various toys can be stacked to facilitate the elderly or the babysitter to take care of the baby. But for the younger and less honest little guys, the bunk bed seems to be dangerous. Mommy can choose to install the guardrail. When needed, install one for the baby and block it next to it.

3, freely combable bed

Baby likes to change. So the kind of bed that can adapt to the baby’s different growth periods, combined with countless different layout schemes is also very good. A basic bed can be turned into a raised bed, a bed, a l-bed, a flat combination, or it can be changed back to the original. At the same time, beds and slides, desks, wardrobes, bookshelves, tents, etc. can also be combined and changed! Give the baby an imaginary space!

4, bed with storage function

Children aged 3-6 have more toys and clothing. Therefore, the purchase should pay attention to the storage function, it is a good idea to configure the children’s bed with drawers and cabinets under the bed. Inside, you can store clothes or put some small toys, you can also put some bedding, put things that are not commonly used inside, and reduce the mess in the house.

Second, security is the last word

Since the baby is in a stage of active and curiosity, it is prone to accidents, and safety is of course a problem that parents need to consider.

1, the corners should pay attention to

Children’s beds should try to avoid the appearance of corners and corners. The corners should be smooth to the touch, and there should be no dangerous objects such as wood thorns and metal nails.

2, to ensure the stability of the bed

Baby’s nature is very moving. They always like to jump up and down on the bed, so parents should make sure the bed is stable and there is no danger of collapse; choose a durable, destructive bed and check the joints of the bed regularly, especially The bed has a metal frame and the screws are easy to loosen.

According to the height of the baby, he chooses a bed suitable for the baby. The bed chosen for the baby should be relatively low. It is close to the ground: the low bed is convenient for the baby to go up and down, and if it accidentally falls off the bed, it will not be seriously injured.

Summary: The baby is always very delicate, so parents must pay attention to the material, safety and other factors when choosing a crib, and also consider the practical value of the baby growing up later, do not blindly look at the appearance, ignore Practicality, then, the above articles, new parents can refer to.

Baby bed purchase precautions, parents should know!

The little baby was born, and the whole family was in the midst of joy, but also prepared the baby products intensively.

In addition to small items such as pacifiers and clothes, the purchase of large cribs cannot be ignored.

You know, newborn babies spend 18-20 hours a day in sleep. A good bed is really important. What should you pay attention to when purchasing? Today, Qijiameimei brings everyone to come and understand

01, the fence spacing does not exceed 6cm

Speaking of the crib, I believe everyone knows what it looks like. There are high fences on the four sides of the crib. This is to protect the baby from jumping out of bed and climbing out.

At the time of purchase, especially for new parents, be sure to pay special attention to:

01. The edge of the fence should be smooth and burr-free. No matter what kind of material is made, the crib should be smoothed by hand to let the baby use it.

02, the fence spacing must be less than 6 cm, otherwise the naughty baby is likely to penetrate the hand, foot and even the head into the gap, easy to get stuck, very dangerous.

02, how high is the crib to choose?

Some parents don’t want to buy such a high children’s bed in order to take care of the baby.

However, the height of the crib is still required. Too high and too short will not work.

The height of the bedside fence of the crib is preferably 50-60cm, which prevents the baby from climbing out.

If the baby grows up a bit, you can sit up and adjust the height of the bed.

Yes, the last thing worth mentioning is that some parents will give the baby a mattress, and the mattress itself has a height. After adding the mattress, it is also the height of the mattress. The mattress is at least about 11 cm from the fence.

03, as long as the crib is solid wood?

Although solid wood is good, it is not an absolute choice. Now there are many environmentally friendly and new materials that are suitable for babies.

Moreover, there are so many solid wood materials, not solid wood is good!

The type and material of wood is the most important. The quality of solid wood cribs on the market is uneven. Parents must ask clearly before buying.

Common woods are beech, birch, pine and oak. The wood is solid and environmentally friendly.

04. What kind of mattress is the crib?

The perfect match for a crib is naturally a baby mattress.

During sleep, the baby’s secretion system releases growth hormone, even three times more than other times. Sleeping well can promote your baby’s growth.

The baby’s metabolism is fast, sleep time is long, easy to sweat, stuffy in the quilt for a long time, the bed is also easy to wet, breeding aphids. Therefore, the mattress’s antibacterial and anti-caries ability is an important indicator for choosing a baby mattress.

05, what kind of pillow is the crib?

My parents want to give everything to the children too much. I just want to give my baby a pillow when I was born, but I don’t need it.

Newborn babies, before the age of 1 year, do not need a pillow for the time being, the use of pillows is not conducive to the health of the baby, even during the sleep process, the head is squeezed by the pillow, and even dangerous.

It is recommended to wait for the baby to be bigger and fit the pillow.

Give your baby a pillow. It can be equipped with a low height at the beginning, 3-4cm. As the baby ages, the height of the pillow can be gradually increased.

The pillow should support the baby’s cervical spine and relax the neck muscles to have a good quality of sleep.

The crib is where the baby sleeps. To have a comfortable and healthy bedding, the baby can sleep comfortably and grow healthier.

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