The safety hazards in the crib are very dangerous!

The crib provides a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby, but there are also many safety hazards. Only by recognizing these safety hazards can the parents provide a safe and comfortable environment for the baby.

Protective fence

The fence has the danger of a chuck. The baby’s bones are still very soft, the head is not yet fully developed, and it is easy to get stuck in the railing. If the gap between the cribs of the crib is too large, it is easy for the baby to put his head in, which is stuck and dangerous.

Mom and Dad should measure the spacing of the railings when purchasing the crib. The spacing of the railings is preferably 4.5-6.5 cm. There is also an easy way to try to cross the railing with a Coke can. If it cannot pass, the railing interval is indicated. It is safe.

Recommended reason: the cloth cover can be lifted vertically, no bed, saving space. The two-button intelligent switch can be vertically lifted by pressing the double-sided button, and the operation of the adult is simple and convenient, and the baby is prevented from misoperation. 4mm solid steel plate, up to 31cm long, provides stable support, plus the support of the balance bar, so that the bed guardrail is fully stable.

2. Hanging toys

Normally, the baby can crawl in 4-5 months, and the hanging toy can easily entangle the baby, causing the baby to suffocate.

In the absence of a parent, the toy is best not to hang on the crib or on the railing. Toys should be placed where children can’t touch them. Make sure your baby can’t catch anything after sitting up, especially hanging toys.

3. Mattress

The size of the mattress on the crib should be appropriate. If it is too large or too small, there will be safety hazards, and the hardness should be appropriate. If the mattress is too soft, the baby can easily fall into a soft mat, posing a risk of being trapped and suffocated. If the mattress is too small, the gap between the bed and the mattress is too large, and the baby’s arms and legs will get stuck in the gap.

When parents put a mattress on their baby, check the gap between the bed and the mattress. If there are two fingers in the gap, it means the mattress is too small. The mattress also needs to be checked regularly, and it is necessary to repair and replace it if it is not suitable.

Recommended reason: The baby spends most of the day in the sleep, environmentally comfortable mattress, so that the baby has a comfortable sleep. Good boy natural coir mattress, no odor, not easy to mold, not easy to absorb water, green, safe and comfortable. The removable cover is easy to clean.

4. Plush toys

The danger of a plush toy is that it can easily make your baby allergic or block the respiratory tract. The fluff of a plush toy is easy to fall, and it is blocked by the baby. Moreover, plush toys can contain a lot of bacteria and mites, which is a major allergen for children who are allergic.

It is best not to have fluff in the baby’s bed. It is also not easy to cause allergies in mattresses and bedding. Toys such as fluff and dust should be avoided in the crib.

5. Rope

If there are ropes and other items on the bed, it is easy to wrap the baby’s body. If it is wrapped around the neck, it will make the baby suffocate.

Babies are usually bundled in the baby’s crib, and the straps that are tied to the bumper are also dangerous. Therefore, parents should pay attention to cutting and cutting. Toys with cords should also be taken care of, not too long to avoid entanglement with the baby.

6. Bedding

Pillows, bedding and other bedding can put your baby at risk of suffocation. Especially the soft bedding, although very comfortable, it is easy to hold the baby’s nose and mouth, affecting breathing.

Parents should take away the large and soft supplies on the bed, and the sheets should be flattened. In addition, the baby should try not to use the quilt before the age of one.

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